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Anders Kolle

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  • Two Be or Not Two Be

    Paperback, 182 pages
    ISBN 0989428451
    Two Be or Not Two Be is an inquiry into the construction of identity, the concepts of sameness and self regarded from a postal perspective and postal economy of sendings and returns. Through a reading of Derrida´s The Postcard and Freud´s Beyond the Pleasure Principle the self is brought from stasis to movement, from a given to a gift: The gif...
  • Beyond Reflection

    Paperback, 144 pages
    ISBN 1940813158
    Beyond Reflection is an inquiry into two distinct modes of thinking delineating two separate approaches and conceptions of the world and its objects. On one hand, we have reflection that repeats by mirroring and is sustained by mirror images, by a search for identity, and a desire for recognition, and on the other hand, we have what the author c...
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