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    Paperback, 126 pages
    ISBN 0985714654
    The poems and art of HARDSCAPE/ABC express the ridged, oblique, and human-made surfaces of our environment forming the way we think about the everydayness of existence. Beneath the surface is a grimoire, in the guise of a classical ABC, pushing the syntax of poetry into the extremes of its potential 'pataphysics - the magical dance of subject an...
  • Abduction Topology: The Psycholinguistics of Discourse

    Paperback, 218 pages
    ISBN 0985714611
    Abduction Topology: The Psycholinguistics of Discourse examines and explores the psychological and linguistic mechanisms of discourse. Using the psychology of Lacan and Vygotsky, and the work of philosophers from Plato to Agamben, this book exposes the workings of thought and language in individual psychology and the social Zeitgeist as they rel...
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