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Gina Rae Foster

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  • heart, speech, this

    Paperback, 152 pages
    ISBN 0982530943
    There are stories within stories in this book, myths and memories and might-have-beens. Love stories, ruptures, alienations. Here is what the book came to be: seven series of poems exploring women of Greek myth, each series with its own poetic form and voice, interrupted and conversing with poems more contemporary, less narrative, in both tradit...
    Publication Program: Interventions
  • Beautiful Laceration

    Paperback, 110 pages
    ISBN 098391527X
    In Beautiful Laceration, Gina Rae Foster's latest work, one finds each poem inevitable and necessary, being lyric declarations from an intimate world animated by mythic power and high emotional stakes, sometimes highly personal yet reticent in autobiography, chthonic, and always erotic and charged, thirsting for love. Though written with an ast...
  • Lyric Dwelling: The Art & Ethics of Invitation & Occupation

    Paperback, 312 pages
    ISBN 0985714689
    Lyric dwelling is a participial exploration of the processes of self- and creative becomings, as ontological and poietic capacities for self-differentiation, mutual interdependency, and complex community. Lyric dwelling is a relocation of human roles to humanly interactive processes of appeal and sensory manipulation. It is both occupation and e...
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