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Jeremy Fernando

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  • The Suicide Bomber; and her gift of death

    Paperback, 290 pages
    ISBN 098253096X
    This book is an attempt to defend the undefendable: the suicide bomber as a figure of thinking, a figure that foregrounds the singularity of each event; and it is this un-understandability-which is part of understanding itself-that the suicide bomber never lets us forget. For, the suicide bomber is the poet par excellence, reminding us of the p...
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    , pages
    Description coming soon.
  • On Fidelity; Or, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow...

    Paperback, 118 pages
    ISBN 1940813166
    This text attempts to open the dossier of fidelity; and, in particular, attend to the question of the relationality between fidelity and its object, to the question of must there be an object to fidelity? For, if one is faithful to something or someone, is one responding to the what, the characteristics of the thing, the per...
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    , pages
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