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Stephen David Ross

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  • Asking, for Telling, by Doing, as if Betraying

    Paperback, 226 pages
    ISBN 0983915261
    An exposition of the implications of betraying as the nonidentity of every identity with itself. A philosophic poetic meditation on the extreme inseparability of truth and untruth, evoking the expressingness of things together with their unaccountabilities, uncertainties, multiplicities, alterities, and heterogeneities. A reflection on what Derr...
  • Unsettling: Asking Telling Undoing Betraying

    Paperback, 280 pages
    ISBN 098571462X
    Recent developments in contemporary life, including natural catastrophes, economic crises, civil wars, and unexpected political transformations, have reawakened a heightened sense of the risks and uncertainties of human life and the limits of the resources available for moderating them. This book presents an extended meditation on a life of unse...
  • A Philosophy Fiction

    Paperback, 382 pages
    ISBN 1940813107
    This novel explores the entwining of philosophy and fiction, loving in truth and believing in images, and does so in the form of literature, full of stories, characters, animals, fabrications, and events. Inspired by Plato's dialogues, drawing on the myths and stories, the novel retraces the themes and structure of Platonic writings in an imagin...
  • Betraying Derrida for Life Perhaps...

    Paperback, 468 pages
    ISBN 0985714697
    A reading of Jacques Derrida toward an enchanting way of thinking and living, based on the notions of betraying--the nonidentity of every identity with itself-the impossible, and perhaps-beyond having and knowing. A world of asking, telling, and doing.
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