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Vincenzo Di Nicola

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  • Letters to a Young Therapist: Relational Practices for the Coming Community

    Paperback, 234 pages
    ISBN 0983173451
    Book description:

    In these seven letters, practising psychiatrist Vincenzo Di Nicola offers wisdom to a young therapist from 25 years of experience conducting relational therapy. Ranging from what to read and how to begin therapy, the letters cover therapeutic temperaments and technique, how to create a relational dialogue, the my...
    Publication Program: Interventions
  • The Unsecured Present

    Paperback, 280 pages
    ISBN 0985304278
    Two novellas written during the "3-Day Novel Contest" - "The World's Most Notorious Literary Marathon"

    After Fernando is a fictional dream about the life of Ophélia Queiroz after the death of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. When a young stranger appears at her house in Lisbon, Ophélia takes him on a journey of the "perfect day"...
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