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University of Disaster

The University of Disaster Series is edited by Hubertus von Amelunxen, Walter Benjamin Chair in the Division of Media and Communications at the European Graduate School, and president of the University of the Arts in Braunschweig, Germany.

The University of Disaster Series presents the work of the philosopher and urbanist Paul Virilio, with emphasis on his workshops within the European Gradate School, and his method of the dromologic study of the critical space found within the acceleration of reality. Future publications will also include studies of EGS professors and graduates influenced by Virilio's thinking.

The University of Disaster Series is a critical space where the Arts and Sciences join forces once again to think the accidents of knowledge and substance in a world of disastrous progress, where the acceleration of reality has obliterated all previous conceptions of distance
and proximity, where we must begin to think the world after the world within the world. The University was formed around the year 1000 in order to provide a space for a thinking in opposition to barbarism. The University of Disaster Series is a heurethics (an ethics requiring invention) seeking to think, create, and understand a writing of disaster where a crisscrossing of all disciplines takes place and the study of the globalization of affects in real-time revealed. The University of Disaster Series: a continuous rethinking of the anthropology of the instant.

  • Grey Ecology

    Paperback, 218 pages
    ISBN 0982706731
    Here as Virilio states, "all one can do is guess." But Virilio's position is not one of pure guessery. His extrapolationist position against his delirium state, has the architecture of a 23rd century scientist: three parts - fractal geometry, two parts - theory of general relativity, one part - Philip K. Dick. One must step back and stare down t...
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