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Community without Identity: The Ontology and Politics of Heidegger


Paperback, 268 pages

ISBN 0981946208

ISBN-13 9780981946207

Tony See argues that the notion of a community without identity is derivable from the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. In doing so Tony See presents an original interpretation of Heidegger in which he was neither a mere Nazi follower nor an "apolitical" philosopher who was solely concerned with ontological questioning. Drawing upon Heidegger's early writings such as Being and Time, and his later writings such as Identity and Difference, See argues that Heidegger was working towards an idea of community which does not reduce the difference of the other into an identity.Tony See is currently a lecturer of International Studies at Monash University, Sunway Campus, Malaysia, and has been teaching at universities in Singapore and Shanghai.

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  • Takes Heidegger seriously as political thinker

    An intelligent book that takes Heidegger seriously as a political thinker and actor. See understands Heidegger's Nazi engagement in terms of his attempt to confront the modern technological understanding of Being. He argues persuasively that Heidegger was far from a conventional National Socialist and that his behavior can be understood in terms of enduring philosophical features of his thought. In these features, See finds the possibility of a politics that makes room for the other by undercutting concepts of a community as homogeneous or selfsame. In his conclusion, See relates Heidegger to several more contemporary thinkers, such as Deleuze; here the connections often call for further investigation, as I'm sure the author would agree.
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