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Ontic Flows: From Digital Humanities to Posthumanities



Paperback, 296 pages

ISBN 1940813085

ISBN-13 9781940813080

At a time when the Digital Humanities proliferate throughout the university, new considerations have become necessary. The introduction of digital technology, while being common in the sciences, has lead to an uncoupling of the Digital Humanities from the Humanities. Ontic Flows: From Digital Humanities to Posthumanities attempts to theoretically reflect on this emerging field of the Digital Humanities with a particular focus on digital cultures, digital research, pedagogy and methodology. The goal of this anthology is to cause eruptions from within the strata of Digital Humanities - to broaden the horizon from a mere humanist to a posthuman inquiry. This collection of essays attempts to excavate the epistemological implications for methodological inquiry from a shifting perspective on posthuman ontology and agency. As bundled theoretical interventions, this anthology seeks to discover and model new trajectories toward a Posthumanities discipline.

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