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Polyrhythmic Ethics


Paperback, 184 pages

ISBN 0985304235

ISBN-13 9780985304232

In the rhythms of media cacophony are the traces of meaning, meaning that is indirect, nonlinear, abstract.  Bombarded by a continuous stream of media, we exist in a polyrhythmic world of languages-- verbal, visual, musical--as well as our own multiplicity of pulses, nerve impulses, and breath. Polyrhythmic Ethics explores the inner and outer terrain of vibrational relationships, constantly interconnected and subtly nuanced differences that we can perceive between the rhythms of the many media utterances, physical pulses, and natural/societal sounds around us. As rhythmic relationships reverberate within us and out to a larger cacophony organized by our perception, an ethics emerges from what each of us can sense at any moment and bring toward understanding. Attentive sensation keeps the activity of meaning in motion, and allows us to be both more in the world and in ourselves simultaneously. Drawing on the work of Nancy, Baudrillard, and Virilio among others, Tell builds a framework to navigate the almost-unity of the human and the digital through individual sensation.

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