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Quantum Art


Paperback, 290 pages

ISBN 0988517078

ISBN-13 9780988517073

Quantum Art asks the question, 'What is the being of Art?' The dominant contemporary paradigm cannot account for the relationship between art, mimesis, the uncertain, the potential and the infinite. The contemporary context in which the visual arts exist today is a betrayal of the desires of the being of art. Quantum Art suggests that the nature of art is the simple desire to mimic. However, mimesis has been misunderstood. Quantum Art suggests that mimesis is a creative, becoming activity. Mimesis is not an act of copying the known, but an act of observing the uncertain, imagining the uncertain and creating the uncertain. The world itself, a quantum world, is uncertain, potential and infinite. The Quantum Artist plays with the desire and capacity to mimic an uncertain, unknown and infinite world.

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