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The Art of the Transpersonal Self: Transformation as Aesthetic and Energetic Practice


Paperback, 228 pages

ISBN 0974853496

ISBN-13 9780974853499

In the face of increasing critique of Modernity’s founding principles, concepts like truth, the autonomous and self grounded subject, morals or solvability of conflicts have become sites of contestation and debate. This book ventures to re-think some of those categories being debated in (post)modernity by invoking transpersonal and transrational transpositions. Asking about the continued possibilities for subjectivation, it inquires how an active, experiential practice of self-transformation could concretely be lived. Norbert Koppensteiner sketches the outlines of an art of living for a subjectivity perceived as constantly emergent and in transformation, a subjectivity that dares to embrace conflict as part of its transpersonal relational becoming and that emerges through an ongoing transformation of the self understood as an aesthetic (Apollonian) and energetic (Dionysian) practice. Norbert Koppensteiner is the Program Coordinator at the MA Program for Peace Studies and Research and Publications Coordinator at the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies, University of Innsbruck, Austria.

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  • The Future of Hope and Self Growth

    This is an eye opening book that explores the possibilities of a new subjectivity that moves beyond the parallels of the past. Debating issues surrounding post-modernism and trans psychology the book pushes the boundaries of previous discourses surrounding the self and what it means to grow in a technological world. This book is key to debates surrounding the future of pedagogy, literature, theater and the arising of self awareness. Rooted in a tradition of rising from below, the book carefully treads the spaces between tradition and future. I would strongly recommend this book to any reader who is ready to dive into the great unknown space of free thinking.

    Anyone who has felt timid about exploring the postmodern self should pick up this book. It is time now to explore the transformative self as a positive movement towards a future full of compassion and understanding. Instead of repressing anger and turning it towards destructive tendencies, new ways of thinking can deal positively with the past and future self. Creating a more holistic viewpoint, the new generation will be prepared to take on the challenges of global warming, poverty, war, and create the self as the template for a sustainable future.
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