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The Concept of the Return in Tin Ujevic's Poetry


Paperback, 86 pages

ISBN 0988517051

ISBN-13 9780988517059

Mankind, today, has been awash in the quagmire of inauthenticity, the endless desire-fulfillment cycle estranging it from the dominion of thought; this internal subjective region devoted to abstractions and pure contemplation has been neglected and in its stead replaced by miscellany of stimulants upon the sensations. Popic introduces and translates a selection of Tin Ujevic’s modernist poetry and thought from the early twentieth century, and ruminates how the poet urges for an interruption to quell this division and hurl fearsome gales into the sails of humanity beleaguered in doldrums and initiate a Return to a being of simplicity and a subject of pure thought.


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