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The Future Is An Image


Paperback, 172 pages

ISBN 1940813026

ISBN-13 9781940813028

The image holds us in thrall, like a cocoon wrapped around our being. Each thread of this fantastic construction is a world we have imagined to be, and together they comprise a seemingly safe and secure habitat in which we may live. We live in worlds woven around other worlds, which exist in the one world to which we are all unknowingly subject-Earth, where we store the all the entropy produced by the effects of our weaving. Our cocoon of images won't protect us from our entropy. Neither can we be assured that a benevolent metamorphosis will follow. Yet we must fully engage with the image, as the image is our future. At a time when we know this future to be under threat, it requires of us an understanding of its workings and of its use commensurate with its power. Following an exploration of the history of unsustainability and of the concept of future, Calvelli develops a theory of the image based in Catherine Malabou's concept of plasticity. The image in plasticity is an aesthetic, relational and transtemporal tool that can be used to open and shape a future, in a transdisciplinary image making practice he calls the artefacture of wonder.

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