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The Obsession of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery: The Deconstruction of an Artificially Obsessed South Korean Society


Paperback, 230 pages

ISBN 1940813875

ISBN-13 9781940813875

In The Obsession of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, Duyen Truong-Ngoc Tran reveals that plastic surgery is no longer an instrument to reconstruct wounded human beings, but rather an addictive trend in which South Korea leads the world. While Martin Heidegger postulated that modern technological "modes of Being" are exploiting the natural world, the "not-Beings" of Wolfgang Schirmacher, who coined the term homo generator, postulates, along with the post-Hegelian philosophers, there is "no being, certainty or truth." As plastic surgery is an individual and personal choice, whether this choice of self-improvement and self-satisfaction is ethical or unethical, the decision is nonjudgmental in terms of the cosmos we are living in rapidly becoming an artificial cosmos. South Korea, occupied by Japan and then the United States provides the most literal case study for this dramatic shift; in this nation, plastic surgery is not an individual and personal choice, but a 'murderous' undertaking as a means of survival in a hypercompetitive society. In view of the danger faced by the nation's women, Korea Womenlink organization has launched a campaign to encourage young girls to embrace their natural appearance and love their bodies by habiting them in an educated, harmonious and supportive community devoted to the full development of human potentiality. Within this community, freedom is essential so that individuals can determine their own actions in order to fulfill success, achievements, happiness, relationships, and communication. Plastic Surgery is an instrument in which has changed people' lives in many ways and this instrument will continue to uprise within the next generation.

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