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The Tupperware Blitzkrieg


Paperback, 196 pages

ISBN 0981946240

ISBN-13 9780981946245

Simultaneously his most accessible and his most extreme book, Anthony Metivier's The Tupperware Blitzkrieg is a powerful concoction of sexual excess, self-deification and terminal violence. In this hallucinatory novel, plastic surgery, psychoanalysis and the pornography of American politics provide the hellish tableau in which Doctor Umbilico, founder of 'People for the Advancement of Lying' turned PCP swilling nightmare priest of the surgical ward, executes biomorphical atrocities culminating in the capture and radical transformation of an eerily Bush-like apocalyptic president. Multiple characters tell the story of this twisted visionary as he careens forward with his own maniacal pitch for world domination. As The Tupperware Blitzkrieg hurtles toward its unforgettable conclusion, Metivier depicts the most sordid aspects of contemporary commercial life in a complex, obsessive, often poetic and disquieting chronicle of aesthetic anomie, erotic entropy and the 'slurrealistic" threat of cosmetic inefficiency. No reader of Metivier's most inflammatory work to date will emerge unscathed. Anthony Metivier is the author of Solid as Echo, Anatomizing Regan, Lex Talionis Schadenfreude, and the forthcoming novels Babelantis, Die Brücke, and The Tragickal Historie of Doktor Fuse Less. In addition to the audiobook version of Anatomizing Regan, he has released the spoken word albums The Glass Snake, The Felicific Calculus and Techno-no.

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  • A Pleasant Textual Surgery Mishap

    Metivier strikes again, this time madcappily tossing aside any declasse culture war or any cynic's pogrom blandly smirking wanly at the real. Marshaling to his aid a variety of thematics drawn from his precursor volumes, Metivier demonstrates that he can break bread with both the Twitter-obsessed scenesters as well as the nodding grey heads of literary sophistication. Consider yourself warned that Metivier and this blitzkrieg will not suffer deserters, laggards, and lazy readers, and that the reader ought to be entirely inured to the barking of marching orders this book issues. In sum, this book is a uncommon d(en)ominator, shouldering boldly and unapologetically beside books of more meek measure.
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