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The Unsecured Present


Paperback, 280 pages

ISBN 0985304278

ISBN-13 9780985304270

Two novellas written during the "3-Day Novel Contest" - "The World's Most Notorious Literary Marathon"

After Fernando is a fictional dream about the life of Ophélia Queiroz after the death of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. When a young stranger appears at her house in Lisbon, Ophélia takes him on a journey of the "perfect day" she has been assembling in her memory room with the poems and letters of the four poetic heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa.

Crowd Theory
is a twitter novella whose avatars post 140-character microblogs. Pitting individualist I_Scrivener against social psychiatrist Dr. Krishna Dhere, author of Crowd Theory, the Bible of The Collective, a dangerous intellectual game begins. The two stage a debate for very high stakes - suicide: the surrender of Scrivener's identity to merge with The Collective. 

Between them, these novellas chart the territory between saudade - the portentous Portuguese longing for the past, and Futurism - the fervent Italian artistic movement that celebrated speed, a break with the past, and presaged Fascism.

Between the could have been of After Fernando and the it may yet be of Crowd Theory hovers the unsecured present.

And between the two novellas is a selection of pomes for pilgrims - the kite's argument with the string.

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